Let’s make sure you have an extra measure of protection on top of CGL coverage.

Owners/Contractors Protective Liability Insurance

OCP does not replace CGL coverage. It’s a standalone project-specific policy that’s meant to protect one party, usually an owner or contractor. Specifically for the operations performed for owners by a designated contractor named on the declarations page.

Just view it as an extra measure of protection on top of CGL coverage.

What’s Covered?

  • The project owner’s vicarious liability in connection with the contractor’s work
  • The project owner’s acts or omissions in connection with the general supervision of the contractor

What’s Not Covered?

  • Claims due to the project owner’s negligence, unless it’s related to the acts of “general supervision” of the contractor
  • Note: OCP coverage is limited to liabilities during the policy period and at the job site listed on the declarations page

Advantages of an OCP

  • Protection is solely for a project owner. That person or the company alone receives primary coverage with a separate, dedicated set of limits
  • Under a CGL policy with an owner named as an “additional insured,” they share protection with other parties. This means the coverage limits apply to all parties
  • An OCP policy is also primary, meaning its coverage applies first before other insurance policies that the owner may have

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