Serve up success, no matter what happens behind the scenes.

Mechanical (Equipment) Breakdown Insurance

Every restaurant relies on its equipment, and Mechanical (Equipment) Breakdown insurance is like a trusty sous-chef in the world of insurance. This coverage is essential for when the unexpected happens, like an oven meltdown or a fridge fiasco. It's not just about fixing or replacing broken gear; it's about keeping your culinary show on the road. From fryers to freezers, this insurance ensures your restaurant doesn't miss a beat, financially protecting you from the setbacks of equipment failures. In a business where every meal counts, having this insurance means you're always ready to serve up success, no matter what happens behind the scenes​​​​​​.


Protects against the costs of repairing or replacing key equipment, such as refrigeration units, essential for restaurant operations.


Includes coverage for property damage resulting from equipment failure, vital for restaurants dependent on fresh and frozen goods.


May cover losses from business interruption due to equipment failure, ensuring restaurant operations can resume swiftly.


Policies typically exclude general wear and tear but cover unforeseen breakdowns, important for financial planning.


Essential for restaurants to guard against financial impacts of equipment failures, including repair costs and spoiled food disposal.


Key for ensuring continuous operation, covering equipment from computers to boilers, with specific exclusions and conditions.

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