Safeguard the heart of your restaurant's tech world.

Electronic Data Processing Insurance

In an era where restaurants are as digital as they are delicious, Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Insurance Coverage is your cyber armor. It's not just about protecting computers or servers; it's about safeguarding the heart of your restaurant's tech world. From customer data to your unique recipes and sales records, EDP Insurance keeps your digital assets safe from unforeseen data disasters. Whether it's a system crash, data breach, or hardware damage, this coverage ensures your restaurant's digital heartbeat keeps pulsing, helping you serve up success without the side order of digital distress​​​​​​.


Shields your business from losses due to electronic data damage, covering hardware, software, data, and even mobile devices against various risks.


Safeguards your restaurant's digital assets from power surges, cyberattacks, and other electronic damages, ensuring continuity and safety.


Offers comprehensive protection for your electronic devices and data, covering a range of incidents from mechanical breakdowns to natural disasters.


Provides peace of mind by covering the replacement or repair costs of damaged electronic devices and lost data, crucial for modern restaurants.


Ensures your restaurant's electronic data and equipment are protected against unforeseen electronic-related losses, maintaining operational stability.


Helps your restaurant bounce back from electronic data and equipment losses, covering a variety of risks to keep your business running smoothly.

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