The behind-the-wheel peace of mind every restaurant owner needs.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance

When your restaurant's food hits the road, Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance becomes a must-have. This type of insurance protects your business from the costly consequences of car accidents involving vehicles you don't own but use for work, like delivery cars. Whether it's a rented van or an employee's personal car, accidents can happen. This insurance keeps you financially secure, ensuring that a road mishap doesn’t derail your restaurant’s journey to success. It’s the behind-the-wheel peace of mind every restaurant owner needs in today’s fast-paced world of food delivery.


Covers liabilities from accidents involving personal, rented, or leased vehicles used for business. Essential for restaurants offering delivery or catering services.


Protects against legal costs from accidents in non-owned vehicles. Ideal for restaurants frequently renting or employing staff who use personal cars for work purposes.


Safeguards your business against lawsuits related to accidents in hired or non-owned vehicles. A vital shield for restaurants with delivery services.


Offers peace of mind for businesses using rented or employee-owned vehicles for work-related activities, covering potential legal and financial liabilities.


Shields your restaurant from unexpected financial burdens due to accidents involving rented or personal vehicles used for business operations.


Ensures coverage for accidents in non-owned vehicles, safeguarding your restaurant's financial health and operational continuity.

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