Preserve your reputation for freshness and quality.

Food Spoilage Insurance

In the restaurant business, the unexpected can turn fresh into fiasco overnight. Food Spoilage Insurance Coverage is your safeguard against such nightmares. It steps in when power outages, equipment failures, or other unforeseen events threaten your perishables. This coverage isn't just about saving your stock; it's about preserving your reputation for freshness and quality. Whether it's a cooler malfunction or a city-wide blackout, this insurance ensures that spoilage doesn't eat into your profits, keeping your culinary dreams fresh and your doors open​​​​​​.


Protects against inventory loss due to power outages, equipment malfunctions, or mishandling. Tailored plans ensure affordable premiums for essential protection.


Offers a combination of equipment breakdown and liability coverage, mitigating costs related to replacing inventory and repairing equipment.


Reimburses costs of lost food and beverages due to power outages, equipment failure, or other risks, up to coverage limits, safeguarding business finances.


Covers perishable stock against unsafe temperatures and humidity levels caused by prolonged power outages, ensuring business continuity.


Provides financial aid for replacing spoiled food if refrigeration systems fail, requiring regular maintenance and repair schedules for policy compliance.


Helps with repair or replacement costs during equipment breakdowns, covering refrigeration systems and related mechanical and electrical machinery.

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