Keep financially secure when the unforeseen strikes your kitchen​​​​.

Food Contamination Insurance

In the culinary world, freshness is king, but mishaps like food contamination can quickly dethrone even the finest dining establishments. Food Contamination Insurance Coverage is your culinary shield, protecting against the financial fallout of accidental contamination events. Whether it's a tainted batch of ingredients or a lapse in the cold chain, this insurance ensures that your restaurant can recover and continue serving delectable dishes. It's an essential ingredient in the recipe for a resilient and thriving restaurant business, keeping you financially secure when the unforeseen strikes your kitchen​​​​.


This insurance covers your restaurant from losses due to food contamination events, including incidents caused by supply chain issues and regulatory changes.


Protects against financial and reputational damage arising from multi-location outbreaks due to contaminated food service ingredients.


Offers coverage for accidental contamination, supplier issues, public health announcements, and more, including pre-incident and brand rehabilitation expenses.


Provides access to crisis consultants and 24/7 emergency support for incidents, covering initial costs and offering comprehensive crisis management solutions.


Covers a wide range of potential losses, from business interruption to extortion costs, ensuring your restaurant can recover from contamination events.


Includes pre-incident consulting with food safety audits and crisis management plan reviews, helping to mitigate risks before they occur.

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