Ensure you're covered in those just-in-case moments.

Assault & Battery Insurance

Restaurants can be lively places, but sometimes things get out of hand. Assault and Battery Insurance is your safety net, offering financial protection when physical altercations happen. Whether it's a spat between customers or an unexpected scuffle, this coverage handles legal fees and claims, keeping your restaurant's doors open and stress levels down. It's an essential layer of protection in the unpredictable world of food service, ensuring you're covered in those just-in-case moments.


Protect your restaurant from legal and financial fallout of physical altercations. This insurance covers incidents involving both employees and patrons, ensuring your business stays secure.


Essential for bars and nightclubs, this insurance shields against financial consequences of fights or assaults, providing a safety net for unexpected violent incidents.


Mitigate risks of lawsuits arising from assault or battery on your premises. Offers peace of mind against claims and legal expenses, safeguarding your restaurant's reputation.


Shield your establishment from the unpredictable nature of customer interactions. This insurance covers a range of incidents, from bar fights to unexpected assaults.


Provides coverage for both physical and emotional harm to patrons or staff, ensuring comprehensive protection for your restaurant in the face of violent incidents.


Offers robust defense against potential legal actions from incidents of assault or battery, securing your business’s financial and operational stability.

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