Protect your cargo and freight in storage or on its journey.

Cargo & Transit Insurance

Cargo and Transit insurance covers goods and/or merchandise against damage or loss, while in transit from one location to another. While your transit carrier may offer insurance, it is typically extremely limited and not based on the full replacement value of your cargo. Importantly, you need to cover your legal liability, including defense costs, while shipments are en route or while the goods are stored temporarily at your customers’ terminal locations.

Motor Cargo Liability Coverage

In event of a collision or overturn, the property being hauled often sustains damage — as can such property as moving equipment, expendable supplies, and on-board or off-board electronics.

Coverage includes:

  • Broad supplemental coverages that automatically pay for uncollectible freight charges, contract penalties, expediting costs, as well as the costs of removal of debris or pollutants
  • Contingent coverage that handles situations in which your customers, acting as a freight broker, arrange for shipments but do not themselves operate the vehicles hauling the goods.
  • Additional coverages are available

Transportation Coverage

This coverage protects your customers’ property on their own vehicles, as well as when aboard motor, rail, or air carriers for hire.

Coverage includes:

  • Automatic coverage for loading and unloading
  • Goods covered while temporarily in storage
  • Supplemental coverages apply equally to transportation risks, such as:
    • Removal of debris and pollutants
    • Goods moved to a temporary location on an emergency basis
  • "Selling price" provisions are available
  • Automatic coverage extensions for rejected or undeliverable shipments during the shipment’s return to the insured

Warehouseman's Legal Liability

Warehouseman's Legal Liability policies basically cover your legal liability as a warehouseman or bailee with respect to physical loss or damage to your customers property at specified locations subject to designated limits and while subject to some form of warehouse receipt.

Coverage applies:

  • Only at scheduled warehouse locations
  • For goods moved to a temporary location on an emergency basis
  • For defense costs

Coverage for earned warehouse charges is optional.

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