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Permanent Life Insurance

Unlike term life insurance, which promises payment of a specified death benefit for a specific period of years, permanent life insurance lasts the lifetime of the insured (hence, the name), unless nonpayment of premiums causes the policy to lapse. Permanent life insurance premiums go toward both maintaining the policy’s death benefit and allowing the policy to build cash value. The policy owner can borrow funds against that cash value or, in some instances, withdraw cash from it outright to help meet needs such as paying for a child’s college education or covering medical expenses.

There are a few typical goals that lead people to permanent life insurance:

Protect Dependents

Need for lifelong life insurance protection because of people financially dependent on you.

Fund a Trust

Desire to fund a trust for heirs.

Financial Legacy

Desire to leave a financial legacy to heirs.

Build Cash Value

Decision to capitalize on the cash value or investment component of a policy.

Types of Life Insurance

With a view to protecting you and those closest to you in the best way possible, we recommend that you ask our life insurance professional to explain the different available options, including: Permanent Life, Universal Life, Whole Life, Term Life, Return of Premium Term Life and Fixed Annuities.

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