What is a Lost Title Bond?

A Lost Title Bond is used by the DMV when you are trying to register or sell a vehicle, trailer, or any roadworthy vehicle when the title is lost or the ownership information on a vehicle does not match the party claiming ownership.

When do you need a Lost Title Bond?

  • You purchased a vehicle, received the title, but lost the title before transferring it into your name.
  • You purchased a vehicle but did not receive the title at the time of purchase.
  • You purchased a vehicle, but the title is assigned ot the wrong person.
  • The title is lost, stolen, or deemed defective

How much will a Lost Title Bond cost?

The cost depends upon the value of the vehicle, but most Lost Title Bonds are written on used equipment or trailers and the premium is in the $100 range.

Can I sell a vehicle that has a Lost Title Bond?

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