Demolition Contractors Need General Liability and Contractor Pollution Liability

Most contractors work in environments where asbestos, lead, mold, bacteria, and blood borne pathogens may exist and General Liability policies specifically exclude these exposures. Look into a Demolition Contractor Liability Insurance Program designed for demolition contractors who have less than a 25% environmental exposure. The Environmental Program includes expanded environmental coverage forms for those who have 25% or more environmental exposure.


  • General Liability with separate limit from CPL
  • Contractor Pollution Liability on occurrence form with separate limit than GL, defense outside the limit
  • Per project aggregate where required by written contract
  • CG 20 10 04 13 and CG 20 37 04 13 included
  • Waiver of Subrogation, primary wording and non-contributory wording
  • Non-owned disposal sites included automatically
  • Transportation Pollution liability
  • Environmental program can offer professional liability to those who qualify

The rates and terms for the combined form are usually much better than other insurance companies offering General Liability only. In many cases we offer GL + CPL for less premium than others offering just GL. In fact, experience has shown us that we can save you up to thousands of dollars in premiums because of this new, combined insurance program.

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