Stefania Kazarian

Senior Account Executive, Life and Employee Benefits

Stef began her career as a Health & Benefits Analyst in 2010 as a Summer Intern. Hired in 2012 at a large, corporate consulting form, she moved to Post Insurance in April of 2015.

Included in Stef's busy days are these important tasks:

  • She analyzes the health insurance marketplace to strategize for client
  • Prepares and presents incumbent proposals to clients alongside any competitive carrier options
  • Provides applicable financial and coverage detail information
  • Spearheads policy renewals, implementations and terminations
  • Assists with employee enrollment processes
  • Engages with support throughout the policy year for issues that may arise
  • Always acting in the client's best interest

Stef has a B.A. in Economics from UCLA and holds a California Department of Insurance, Accident and Health Agent license and California Department of Insurance, Life Agent license.

Stef keeps busy with husband, Jon (her high school sweetheart) and their two young girls, Mila and Ava, and black lab, Roxie. As a family they enjoy walks outside. Her favorite meal of all time is lasagna with a glass of red wine.