John P. Post, CIC, CRIS

Vice President

800-262-9998 Ext 110

After graduating UCLA in 1984, John Post decided to join his brother Dan a year later in the family business and help continue the legacy of the agency their Father founded.

Currently, John holds a dual license in both Property & Casualty Insurance as well as Benefits. He attained his Certified Insurance Counselors degree in 2000. John is one of the most genuine agency principals out there. In addition to personally mentoring the members of the Post team, John always finds the time between handling his large commercial accounts and eating a Torrance bakery chocolate chip cookie (or 3), to sit down and offer a listening ear. When he isn’t rooting for one of his three All-star daughters, John is limping into the office after enduring yet another athletic injury himself. (It’s no wonder he married a physical therapist!) John truly has a heart of gold, which glows through his dedication to his families, both at home and at work. He never fails to help teach, train, and promote within the workplace, keeping his loyal staff always learning and forever growing.

John’s sense of professionalism and expertise helped shape and build the Life/Health and Commercial department and keeps it on the rise. Currently, on the California and the National Agents Advisory Council for Liberty Mutual, John continues to remain in the top 5% of his peers for receiving numerous production awards from our carriers for achieving benchmarks of success. His keen sense of management is what helps minimize our damage control efforts at Post Insurance. If there is ever a situation too big to handle, John’s leadership kicks in to help to smooth out the kinks and keep all sides of the situation happy. As the true professional that he is, he continues rotating his favorite employee in the office depending on who brought what treats for the day. Although Thursday mornings he’s often hitting balls on the tennis court before coming into the office, there are two things we can definitely count on from John.

First, he will continue to always root for his Post Insurance family and provide quirky yet successful sales contest incentives and second, the 1 o’clock walk past the lunch room to ensure that the staff is wrapping up their lunch and getting back to work! We see you see us, John!

He is truly a role model that many staff members look up to personally and professionally.