Cecilia Garza

Senior Account Executive

800-262-9998 Ext. 101

Cecy, known to most of our clients as Cecilia, is our workers' compensation dream girl. She began working at Post Insurance in 2003 after hearing from her previous co-worker Stacey that there was a job opening with her name on it. If you expect to ever find anything on her work desk, try winning the lottery while you're at it. The 2 o'clock sugar rush offered to all staff at Post will 99.9% of the time come from Cecilia's "candy drawer". The sweetness from the candy matches her kind-hearted temperament. A true Disneyland annual pass holder with all the accessories to go with it, Cecilia brings both her young hearted happiness and her great handwriting to work. Cecilia is one of the two employees we have at Post who speaks both English and Spanish fluently. Much like her daughter Veronica's tortoise who lives in its shell, Cecilia is rarely ever spotted outside of her office. If you had plans to meet her by the water cooler, forget about it!