Picture of Ben Post

Benjamin Post

Account Executive

800-262-9998 Ext 112

Local insurance industry pioneer, James Post, founder of Torrance based Post Insurance Services, could not have foreseen the incredible legacy he was creating when he founded the agency in 1954. Son Dan joined his father in 1980, followed by brother John in 1985. And now, Dan’s son, Benjamin carries on James’ legacy by joining the sixty-five year old family business.

Ben is a team player in every sense of the word, having the benefits of teamwork instilled within him while playing Division 1 baseball at the University of San Francisco. This, after attending Loyola High School in Los Angeles and graduating cum laude in 2015. Ben graduated USF in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Returning to Southern California in 2020 to carry on the Post family legacy, Ben’s energetic, millennial style makes him a great asset to Post Insurance, with his stated intention of sharing his belief in emphasizing the quality of life for himself, his teammates, and Post customers - some of whom have been with the company since inception.

Ben recognizes that the shape of the insurance industry has changed much in the digital age. Because insurance companies face constant challenges to optimize operational costs, improve overall accuracy and customer service, Ben works towards maximizing the highest return on allocated capital through the handling of Post’s automation technologies. Doing so will ensure the agency remains relevant in the decades to come.

Ben is passionate about traveling to new places to experience new ideas, people, and cultures. He also values maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family, colleagues and clients. Ben is constantly trying to improve the best version of himself in all facets of life, both physically, mentally and spiritually, while attempting to live life to its fullest potential.

We welcome the addition of his upbeat attitude and positive energy to Post Insurance Services.