Stacey Hendrix-Tialavea

Senior Account Executive

800-262-9998 Ext 102

In 2002 Stacey left her current position at another insurance brokerage and joined the Post Insurance Family by answering an advertisement in the local paper. Most of our clients know Stacey as Dan's right hand gal. To the staff at Post Insurance, Stacey, also known as "Becky" (compliments to Julia for that one), will forever be the creepy calling, itchy buzzing, bug getter for us! Her fearlessness comes from being a wife to one and a mother to three boys. Stacey has an interesting work triangle between herself, Tish and Cecy. The three of them have worked together since 1992 from location to location and have continued that trend here at Post. According to Dan Post, the three of them are still on work probation, even 12 years later.