Nancy Sahyoun

Senior Sales Executive

800-262-9998 Ext 105

Nancy, aka "Little Nance," is the newest addition to the Post Insurance Family, however she is no stranger to the insurance industry. In the summer of 2004, while trying to buy her first car in high school after getting her driver's license, she got her first job, consisting of stuffing and sealing marketing letters for a local insurance agency. After working her way up the totem pole and reaching her max growth ceiling at that agency, Nancy decided to part ways and branch off on her own. In doing so, she crossed paths with Dan and John Post in 2013 who reached out and offered her a career proposition. Nancy is considered a "high octane" employee that is always full of energy and speaks sarcasm fluently. Her sense of ingenuity helps lead Post Insurance into different marketing ventures and keeps the 1954 agency up to date on social media. Being a true saleswoman by nature has earned Nancy a reputation as the "female version of John Post," according to the staff. Or as Julia would put it, "they're cut from the same cloth". Perhaps it's a Capricorn thing?