Julia Fosket

Senior Account Executive

800-262-9998 Ext 114

Julia better known around the office as Miss K.I.A (know it all) lays down the law at Post Insurance. If you don't believe us, try putting the toilet paper upside down to get a better idea of what we mean! She is a no nonsense straight shooter and the only card in her hand is the "fairness" card. She started her career in the insurance industry in 1985. Only 16 short years later, in 2001, Lorrie at Post Insurance recruited her to become a part of the Post Family. In between whistling at her desk while she works and making a new friend out of a client over the phone, K.I.A. Jules is the underwriting go to in the office. Her knack for detail in the insurance realm of rules, perils, eligibility, and requirements is excessively thorough and comes in handy for the rest of the staff! Forever apologizing for her “foul" moods ahead of time, Julia's big heart is one of her biggest assets. Many of our clients have found Julia to be a great confidante, as well as the staff at Post Insurance.