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Whether it’s earthquake insurance for your business or for your home, you are not covered by your standard insurance policies. That’s why if your business and/or your home is in California, you need to give earthquake insurance careful consideration.

Living in paradise has its downsides. In fact, studies have shown that the state has a 99% chance of having an earthquake stronger than 6.7 and a 45% chance of having a major earthquake higher than 7.5 in the next three decades. And earthquakes are not seasonal, so they could happen any time.

So, if you live here or you do business here, I urge you to connect with me for a free quote by calling (800) 262-9998 or connect with us online.

Respectfully yours,

John Post, CIC, CRIS
Vice President
Post Insurance Services, Inc.
800.262.9998 Ext. 110

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