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Dear Valued Customer,

It’s time to start thinking about your Medicare coverage needs for 2022. During this annual window, Medicare plan enrollees can reevaluate your coverage—whether it’s Original Medicare with supplemental drug coverage, or Medicare Advantage—and make changes or purchase new policies if you want to do so.

Here’s how to begin: Carefully review your Medicare coverage materials during Medicare Open Enrollment. Note any changes in 2022 costs or benefits. Decide if your current Medicare coverage will meet your needs for the year ahead.


  • Switching from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare or vice versa.
  • Switching from one Medicare Advantage plan to another.
  • Switching from one Part-D prescription plan to another.
How to make the correct choices for you:

Step 1: Talk to your doctor or other health care provider about why you need certain services or supplies. Ask if Medicare will cover them. You may need something that's usually covered but your provider thinks that Medicare won't cover it in your situation. If so, you'll have to read and sign a notice. The notice says that you may have to pay for the item, service, or supply.

Step 2: Contact your Post Insurance Benefits expert who will research whether Medicare covers your item, service, or supply. Our expert will also help with any plan changes, or, if you’re new to Medicare they’ll explain your options and enroll you in a plan.

Open enrollment runs to December 15, but I urge you to act quickly as the process can be time consuming. Please call our office at (800) 262-9998. We’re here to provide you with support and care.

To your continued good health!

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Daniel W. Post
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